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05/04/2008 23:57 (CEST)
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Uploaded on 19/03/2009 22:29:43 by best_defense
Last breath of last scout

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Neo The Lost Temple 2.0
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best_defense uploaded this file and says :

Just remembered last year, my 177th game since I started playing starcraft.


It was PvT in lostT. Both of our bases are destroyed. I (P) went a run for initiating new bases with pylon/canon/nexus with lots of zealots but only 2 scouts. T got a team of battlecruisers and science vessels and 1 flying Command Center (CC).


My last scout died. But before it died, it launched its FINAL pair of missles hit the CC, and the CC went below 500HP and start to burn. Since T has no supply so cannot build SCV to repair...

9mins later, game ends with an explosion of that CC.

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